Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Vroom, Vroom!

While visiting friends in Phoenix/Scottsdale, we all went to the Penske Racing Museum. if you want to "see" it. 

Very modern design - polished concrete floors, angular black leather and chrome chairs, an enormous patio which in reasonable weather (i.e. never summer) becomes part of the main area at the push of a button - the windows rise up into the ceiling. 

There is a very good little café with tasty food that's extremely modestly priced - Jerry and I each had double, fat hotdogs with an order of very crisp fries nestled underneath them - $5.  Richie had a tuna melt - $5 and a cup of chili (forget; might have been $3) and Eileen hit the salad bar a death blow.  And management wanted her to do just that because the bowl was very nearly dishpan size. 

The usual exhibits found at car museums, shrug, but what blew me away was this:  the Penske museum is located in the heart of a new/used car lot for extremely expensive exotic and not so cars!  If for some insane reason, owners of ancient Model-T Fords want to wipe out exotics of today - a co-ordinated drones attack would take out:

Jaguar/Land Rover
Bentley/Lamborghini/Bugatti (BUGATTI?)
Rolls Royce/Aston Martin

You can skim through the museum in very little time which is a good thing because I had to be physically  pulled away from the Ferraris ... and didn't that make a pretty picture.  Not.

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