Thursday, February 16, 2017

Get Harrison Ford Out of Our Skies!

Never mind Black Lives Matter (BLM which I thought stood for Bureau of Land Management) or Social Justice Warriors (oxymoron on a good day) or all of the rest who delight in breaking windows, torching cop cars and in all ways being disruptive.  I say, "Pish tosh!"

We are facing a real threat to our safety and well-being.  I don't think many of us drive police cars or go around carrying a crow bar.  I could always be wrong, but I don't think so on this.

We are facing genuine menace.  I am referring to actor Harrison Ford and his unalloyed attack on our country's golf courses, dry river beds and most recently a 737 110 seat plane while making a landing at John Wayne Airport. 

Tell me he wasn't confused when he allegedly asked the control tower if that airplane was supposed to be under him?

I read yesterday that the FAA may not get around to evaluating Ford/deciding on a plan of action for perhaps six months.  This is unacceptable.  Meanwhile, Ford is free to fly around, landing willy nilly at any emergency site he deems able to accept his aircraft.  Or not.    Skilled pilots rarely land on golf courses or dry river beds.  Runways are their landing site of choice.

Until this matter has been successfully adjucated, put the golf clubs in the garage  and go somewhere that does NOT have dry river beds.  Word.  Stay safe. 

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