Friday, February 17, 2017

Henny Penny and the Weathermen - The Sky Is Falling!

You'd think we'd all be inured to the hysteria with which the weather people greet storms these days.

For the last week, here and nationally, the forecasters have been bleating in terror about The Storm That Will Kill Us All.  Since previous storms, projected to do us all in, haven't I sensed a certain deja vu ...

This morning I finally pinpointed the source, perhaps, of this hysteria.  Many of you will be able to join me in remembering an old folk tale that we heard as children.  A brief summation, if you will.

Henny Penny the chicken is sucking up dried corn when an acorn falls off of a nearby tree and conks her on the head.  She didn't see that it was only an acorn and freaks out, believing that the sky is falling in on her.

In a panic - "The sky is falling!" -  she decides to notify the King and on her way to his palace, collects several animals to accompany her.  They include Turkey Lurkey, Goosey Loosey and the villain Foxy Loxy. 

Foxy Loxy convinces this gang to take shelter in his den.  "The sky can't fall into a hole in the ground," he reassures them.   They join  Foxy in his lair and Foxy and his family  kill and eat them all. 

While I am not advocating killing weather forecasters and eating them - because the thick pancake make-up and lashings of hair spray would undoubtedly ruin the digestion - I do think they could peddle back a bit on the hysteria.  I realize and sympathize that the weather, out here at least, is same-o, same-o day in and day out and that their excitement at finally having something to report is thrilling ... but, cautionary gesture - the sky is NOT falling. 

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