Wednesday, February 22, 2017


Listen to this!  The body of a British children's writer who was worth 4 million pounds,was finally found in a "cesspit" in an old well in the garage of her 1.5 million pound home, along with that of her dachshund Boris.  She had been missing for three months.

The money didn't stop there.  It is estimated that Helen Bailey's monthly royalties were 5,000 pounds per month.  Fiancé Ian Stewart, lived with the 51 year old writer.  It is believed that he gave her increasingly larger doses of sleeping meds.  She had complained in e-mails to friends to ask them why she felt so sleepy so frequently.   When she was sufficiently doped up, he suffocated her, wrapped her in a comforter and blomp! splash!  (The cess pit was full of human waste.)

Okay, it's a terrible story, human depravity, greed and lust for money (she'd changed her will to favor him the day before he offed her.)  Never mind all that.

But did you see the important stuff?   A 1.5 million pound house; 4 million more in assets and 5,000 a month???  All that for a children's author?  And little kids rarely have any cash on them! 

God damn!  "My Turn" in the Daily Breeze doesn't pay a dime and when they did pay, it was $25 per column. 

We need to do some serious thinking about marketing.  Meeting Thursday at 2 p.m. 


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