Sunday, February 12, 2017

Progress Report

Richie's brother Charlie and his wife Rosalind flew in from New York yesterday in time for lunch at Tin Roof Bistro.  This has become a sort of tradition with us in that they pick a flight that gets in around noon/1 p.m. and we go there for a bite.  And a drink if their flight was a little bouncy wouncy  They had Tom Collins, Richie a beer and I had a flute of sparkling prosecco.  Bonus points - I wasn't anywhere near an airplane all day yesterday..

Today is the bi-annual piano recital for C & R's grandsons, followed by a brunch at the house.  The little kids performing at these recitals crack me up.  They haven't figured out the bow/curtsy that starts their gig so they bend over and stick their little butts out.  Hilarious! 

Hope to run story and photos on the very interesting and educational Musical Instruments Museum, Phoenix, tomorrow. 

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