Monday, February 6, 2017

This'n That

Refreshing and Unexpected ...
This is a reference to Lady Gaga's performance during half-time at the Super Bowl yesterday.  Her outfit was positively tailored compared to the nudity flaunted by other performers.    "I can't sing worth shit, but look at my (fill in)."

Particularly so, because  Lady Gaga debuted the famous Meat Dress, a garment (in the vaguest sense) made from what looked like T-bone steaks.  Including shoe covers for her skyscraping platform shoes and a saucy beret of a draped T-bone.   I bet when dismantled, it kept her entire crew happily tearing into steak and tossing the bones over their shoulders for quite some time.  After a thorough rinse and high heat to cook it/them.

Eating Cheap on Supermarket Take-Out - Twice!
It is raining again here and thank you Rain Gods or real God because it comes in handy although the car wash guys are biting their nails and tearing their dreadlocks. 

French Conversation class this morning veered off somehow into Where Do You Find the Closest to a French Baguette In Our Area? 
El Segundo - the Bread Box
Manhattan Beach - Pain Quotidian (the day's bread)
   and a reminder about Jon's Supermarket, previously  reviewed.

The end result of this was that after class, we zoomed through the rain and went grocery shopping at Jon's just to get a baguette.

We also lurched over to the in-house barbecue department and bought:
Baked beans - $3.00
Half a bbq chicken - $4.99
Baby back pork ribs - $7.11
1.2 lb. knockwurst - $5.71
  for a grand total of $20.86

Tonight - bbq baby backs and chicken and baked beans
Tomorrow night - grilled knockwurst and the rest of the beans.
Wednesday - leftovers, if any or if not eaten for lunch.

Best of all?  Didn't have to go out in the rain to get it!

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