Friday, February 10, 2017

Another War and a Temporary Fix

The War:  me vs. computer to display photos on a DVD.  Richie shot a great many pictures in Phoenix/Scottsdale, and I wanted you to see them.  I will triumph.  Eventually and through some quirk of the system. 

Meanwhile -

From the Dog and Cat Bible
And thou shall have dominion over all of the beasts ... except, of course, cats.  Felines 12-15
Many are chosen, but few come when you call them.  Canines 3-5

Colorful expressions stolen, er collected,  over time ...

So slick he could eat gravy with a fork.

I'd stop eating chocolate, but I'm no quitter.

Older than a couple of turtles and  redwood tree

Tough enough to hunt bear with a willow switch

I couldn't eat another bite; I'm full as an egg. 

Well aren't you just the oyster's ice skates!

Cuter than a Dalmatian puppy in a red wagon

The rodeo announcer said about the girl who missed two out of three of the barrels in the race, "Pretty outfit; long ride home."  Which pretty much sums up my battle with the computer except for the pretty outfit part. 

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