Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Government Work Today

The City of Redondo Beach has a standardized application for employment that is mandated, according to this application "to prepare statistical reports required by Federal, State and local agencies."  

Question #3 - If hired, can you present evidence of your US citizenship or proof of your legal right to live and work in this country?  Yes   No

#17  Have you ever worked or attended school under another name?  If yes, please list name(s.)
(This might be a clue as to whether Bob became Abdullah Mohammed)

#22  Do you have a history of filing for personal bankruptcy more than once, have current financial obligations for which legal judgements have not been satisfied or currently have wages garnished?  (Trying to weed out candidates unsuitable for financial work)

#26  The City of Redondo Beach is a drug-free workplace.  If you are offered a position, as part of the pre-employment process, you will be required to submit to a urinalysis drug screen.  Please indicate that you understand this requirement for employment.  Yes   No  

#28  Further, do you hereby agree to be fingerprinted before or during your employment and agree to your fingerprint being processed by the Department of Justice?

It should be noted that the above is given to anyone who wants to work for Redondo - from Police Chief down to unpaid social volunteers such as the Bingo Lady at a senior center run by the City.  Say what you will about laid-back beach living, Redondo is flat ON IT.

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