Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Ways of Looking at Things...

A new and charming custom was revealed to us this morning via an article about this quiet custom - West Point graduates class rings are often donated to be melted down and made in to class rings for the new graduating class upon the death of the original wearer.

West Point was the first American school to have class rings, a custom that began in 1835 (no wonder we didn't know about it.) 

The ring custom is old, but the recycling of them  only began in 2002.  The class of 2016 seniors rings were composed of donated rings - 451 donated so far - of cadets from 1924 to 1968.    Among them - Lt. Gen. James ("Jumpin' Jim") Gavin, class of 1929 who parachuted four times into enemy territory during WW2.

There is a ceremony for the people donating  the rings and  a brief biography is read about each former West Point member. 

The rings are given to the beginning seniors who will have started designing their ring months ahead of school starting.  The choice of metal, a stone or just a West Point medallion, a miniature to be used as an engagement ring - Ike gave a miniature to Mamie.  When the rings have been handed out, there is a dinner dance to celebrate for family and friends. 

The rings are meant to be a continuation of the "Long Grey Line" an old reference to West Point students. 
And then there's this.  Sixteen countries refuse to accept Israeli passports, banning Jews from their countries.  Six of the seven countries  banned via President Trump from entrance here are whining that they are being shut out due to their adherence to the Muslim religion.    Hi, Hypocrisy - didn't know you were here!

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