Saturday, June 11, 2016

Two Countries Tackle the Five-Course Dinner

We will go first to France where the five-course dinner is served every night.  Since we are nominally in "summer," let's go to Provence and see how they do it, shall we?


Aperitif - mixed olives, prosciutto-wrapped melon (cantaloupe, honeydew), balsamic-marinated mushrooms  Baguette and butter

To drink - pastis, chilled rose, kir (white wine) or kir Royale (champagne)

Entrée - Salad Nicoise.  This is a real presentation dish.  It dresses the table and is good to eat.

Salad course -  leaves of romaine lettuce with the classic dressing - olive oil, vinegar, small splotch of mustard, shake of garlic powder, mixed with vigor.

Cheese course - choice of three - soft, hard, goat.

Dessert course - perhaps Key lime pie or macaroons or lemon bars - something light.

And in the American South....

"Horsies" of barbecued bologna,, peanuts in the shell, deviled eggs, Fritos and bean dip

To drink - Budweiser, Two Buck Chuck for the sophisticated, RC Cola, sweet Iced Tea

Entrée - fried chicken or squirrel, mashed potatoes, bacon gravy, creamed corn, collard greens, biscuits, butter and honey

Salad - potato salad, cottage cheese in lime Jell-0, fresh fruit in Jell-0 with whipped cream

Cheese - Velveeta, American slices, Laughing Cow cubes

Dessert - pecan pie, apple pie, yellow box cake with chocolate icing

With the exception of fried squirrel and collard greens, have eaten - at one time or another - all of the above. 

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