Tuesday, June 21, 2016

In A Funny State

Not "in a funny state of being," but literally a funny state.

California:  listed as the 8th largest economy in the world.  Take that  India, Russia and Italy!

New Year's Eve to-dos -- Manhattan drops the ball in Times Square, Key West a red, high-heeled woman's shoe, but in Boise, Idaho, they drop a 16 ft. long Idaho potato made of steel and foam for the spec-taters.

Snotty Hawaii has their own personal time zone, thank you very much. 

Minnesota, "The Land of 10,000 Lakes" technically has more than 11,000 lakes.  Talk about slipshod accounting practices!

New Hampshire license plates read "Live Free or Die" and are made by prison inmates.

New Jersey - famous for horses and divorces (lowest rate in the country) and there are more horses per square mile than any other state including Kentucky.

Wyoming - there are only two sets of escalators in the entire state.  Both are in Casper and both are in banks.  Imagined conversation:  Department store owner to mall lessor- "Sam, I think we're ready to expand.  I'd like to add a second story ..."  Sam cuts in, "Nah, Bobby, you don't have to go and do that!  We've got 800 acres out back you can have!  Here in Wyoming we go back, we don't go up.  Don'chew know we only got two escalators in the whole State?  We don't need no more! "

Don't run for President from the state of Iowa.  Half of the Presidents who died in office came from there.  Harrison, Garfield, McKinley and Harding. 

H/T Readers Digest.

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