Saturday, June 18, 2016

Product Snobbery

I wanted to head this Ultimate Product Snobbery, but I knew that if I did, some new ridiculousness would present itself and the egg would harden on my cynical face.

After all, just the other weekend I ran into a couple who owned a $300 margarita maker.  No other purpose on earth other than to mix ingredients and chop ice for a margarita at the press of a button.  For someone working as a part-time caterer for Mexican-themed parties, meh, why not?

The refrigerator that photographs the contents every time it's opened and closed?  Probably useful for the extremely forgetful. 

But today, we do have a contender!  The Apollo Peak people have come up with a pair of wines for your cat.  Their thinking is that you and Fluffy would enjoy a calming glass of wine at the end of the day.  Toward this felicitous end-of-day  ritual, they've come up with Pinot Meow and Moscato, both brewed from organic catnip stewed in pure mountain water with an added effusion of organic beets (for the color.)  There is no alcohol involved. 

Apollo Peak is based in Denver with a few stores elsewhere, but you can order and pay $11.95 per 8-oz. bottle online.

Management says that while dry catnip will wire your cat up and risk its becoming a "'Nip Head" stewed catnip may have a soporific affect on the cat.  To avoid lawsuits down the road - "My cat won't drink this and you said ..." they helpfully point out that cats are finicky eaters.  Don't feel slighted dog owners - they are working on a formula for Fido, too

And somewhere ... some how ... someone is coming up with yet another bizarre bragging rights product for the product snobs among us.  Excuse me - one of the cats just pushed the button on the margarita maker.  Already graduating from wine ... sigh.  Where will this end?  Cat-aholics Anonymous?


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