Tuesday, June 28, 2016


"Ectomy" to remove" such as appendectomy. 

It does not mean that PETA swooped in here, grabbed our cats and took off.  Even PETA would have to give us a H/T for cat management and their subsequent health.  Despite the fact that they cannot speak and do not have opposing thumbs to hold a cell phone to call out for caviar, they are resolutely spoiled.  Of course, we are only a product of their conditioned-response training ... "I'll get you kibbles!  Fred, put that vase down!"

Richie had cataract surgery this morning and he is fine and dandy.  This is very much a non-invasive procedure and due to its nature, the surgeon and a full OR crew don't have to spend hours doing it while nervous family jitter and twitch around the surgical waiting room.  In fact, I went out for a cigarette twice and didn't miss anything. 

Richie went into Recovery muttering, "I felt them touching my face, but I thought it was part of getting ready and they said, 'We're done!' and here I am!" looking around with surprise.  (I think we can credit Versed and light sedation for that.)     

The "bandage" is new to me.  It's a see-through plastic bubble, Scotch-taped to the forehead and cheek bone with a side vent so it doesn't steam up.  In my first surgery I left with a huge white bandage that most closely resembled a load of whites ready to come out of the dryer. 

He followed typical out-patient behavior - euphoria at being in the recovery room; followed by "I'm hungry!" thus  Eat at Joe's (the John Wayne special) and now home, deep in peaceful sleep in his recliner, belly gently distended, breathing softly and sweetly.

He sees the surgeon tomorrow afternoon (regular post-op visit), but he's fine.  When the recovery room nurse said to him on bidding him goodbye, "See you in a couple of weeks for the other one!"  he said, "Yes!"

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