Sunday, June 26, 2016

Brexit from our Overseas Correspondents

I have Brexit reports from our various correspondents in Yorkshire, New Zealand, and an American coincidentally visiting London the day of the vote. 

Helen, in New Zealand - "Woohoo!  A vote for freedom, national identification and self determination, IMHO.  Well done that, nation!"

Anne in Yorkshire - "Yes... and now?  Well, it's early days. " Sheila from Shropshire"  and her husband voted "leave" and (I) will let you know what the personal affects are in due course.  It would appear that some of the EU member nations are envious of the UK's situation.  We wanted our sovereignty back and to be free of  the EU's petty rules and regulations and free of the 351m pounds in weekly donations to the EU coffers (some of which is refunded.)  This cash could be better spent for instance on our NHS service.  Sheila will no doubt let you know when events begin to affect us. 
Sheila in Israel - "If I was still in Shropshire, it would probably have an effect on me, but here in Israel we will have to wait and see.

It will only affect my passport which says European Union on it, but that is the same for all Brits.

I did not get to vote because I have been out of  the UK for over 15 years, but I think I would have voted "in"  Bit of "better the devil you know."

I think many of those who voted to leave did it because they resent being told what to do by unelected diplomats in Brussels, stupid things like not being able to eat their fish and chips in newspapers.

They also think that getting out will prevent illegals from coming in, which is also stupid because the Europeans came in legally and those coming in illegally will still come from Syria, Africa and Iraq.  Also, many Brits have moved to Spain,  France and other countries in Europe and they will feel it.

I also really believe that many truly believed it would not happen, but voted "leave" just to feel a bit rebellious.  Today, when they listen to the endless analysis by the media they will realize that it will affect a hell of a lot more than fish and chips. "

Maureen, an American in London - "I'm not sure you want my input.  I'm as ignorant as the British on the issue.  We just heard on the news that they are Googling "Brexit" after they voted and may be regretting their vote.  We don't hear anyone talking  about it here.  The only time we heard about the subject is to get "I'm In" stickers while walking across the Thames."


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