Thursday, June 9, 2016

June Gloom - Primary Cause of Physical & Mental Inertia

"Gray May" is the traditional lead-up to June Gloom so essentially Southern Californians get not one, but two! months of making intensive mental health efforts to stave off Terminal Boredom and Lethargy.

We were doing okay, about as usual ..frustrated, but not frenzied, but today is June 9th awready!  It doesn't help, Mother Nature, to tease us with emerging bits of sunshine anywhere from 12 to 4 p.m. 

Gloom also makes it look cold outside even if it's 72 degrees (and we should be so lucky.) 

We've missed personal windows for seeking sunshine ... Palm Springs is now too hot, ranging up to 113 the other day.  Cabo San Lucas, 2 short air hours away, is much more pleasant with temps roaming around the 80s.  But the streets and sidewalks are rough enough to kill my push chair (wheelchair for balance and seat for towels, sunscreen, paperbacks, etc.) and Versailles already gravely wounded it, pauvre chose.  The left front wheel broke and it was something of a fight to keep it from making nothing but left turns.  Happily not all that many frogs seem to recognize American swearing.     

The best we can do to cheer ourselves up a little is to go restaurant exploring.  Where haven't we been?  What looks good?  What do we feel like tonight?  Nothing seems too bad when perusing a menu over an adult beverage. 

Look out, liver, inbound!

Why yes, rationalization for indulgences is a great gift.  I recommend it. 

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