Friday, June 3, 2016

Out of the Paris Sewers

H/T  to Arlette N., French professor extraordinaire

She sent her newsletter out and one of the articles highlighted the day the main boulevard (Champs-Elysee) was closed to motor traffic and the crowds turned out to walk it and take selfies.

I e'd back that today they'd be using rowboats (bateau a rames) and she replied that the last time she'd seen the Seine this flooded she was a little girl.  She remembered that the statue of the Zoave by the Pont l'Alba bridge had his feet wet!

Breaking - Richie turned on the 5 p.m. BBC and the water this time is up to his waist.

She also pointed out something I never would have thought of and that was:  the rats surging out of the sewers, fleeing the rising waters. 

If the National Rifle Assoc. could fly in hunters with .22 rifles they could be lining the banks.  With a pop-pop here and a pop-pop there - tallyho - let's shoot the rats! 

Homeowners, flushed with gratitude, might even offer the hunters glasses of wine to celebrate.  And a wonderful time would be had by all. 

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