Thursday, June 23, 2016

If Only One Could Bitch-slap through a TV screen...UPDATE

Technology being what it is ... perhaps this is on the horizon?  Our 5 yr. old big screen came with not one but TWO remotes.  Apparently TVs are now so complicated that one just won't do - horrors!

What am I carrying on about?  Jeopardy contestants, that's who. 

Alex is a delight with a gentle, kind sense of humor, never putting a contestant down.  He's not the problem.  The contestant that nearly makes my hair spontaneously explode in flames are the women - and it's always women --  who have this extremely annoying speech tick. 

They drop the "ed" at the end of a word.  Example, "Alex, I'll wager four hundr-ED" - dropping the ED in tone.  It sounds snotty (and is) studied, artificial and phony as hell.  Clearly it drives me crazy.  Short trip, I know. 

There's one competing now and every night I root for her to lose and ignobly at that.  "Bet it all, bi ITCH! and loos-EH" 

The studied, dilletantish, languid, superior tone is enough to make me subscribe to a research fund for "real interaction with your TV."  I'll buy the first prototype that works!  Inventors - call me!

Hah!  She lost last night which is just as well.  Richie doesn't like it when the "Jeopardy" theme starts playing and I start growling like a Rottweiler. 

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