Monday, June 6, 2016

Poutine - Putain - Putin

Poutine is a serving of French fries with cheese curds and brown gravy over them.

They are extremely popular in Canada where entire (small) restaurants have dedicated menus featuring all kinds poutine toppings.  And nothing else.  Food trucks, ditto. 

Poutine came in 10th in a list of Canadian Greatest Inventions, beating out the electron microscope, Black Berrys and paint rollers!  Beating out a paint roller is not exactly a stop the presses! moment; how often do we use them?

Ruffles sells a poutine-flavored potato chip in Canada. 

Where can we locals find versions of poutine?  In & Out Burger is said to have a "secret" menu and on it you will find "animal fries" which are French fries, cheese, grilled onions and their secret sauce.

The closest to featuring genuine Canadian poutine would be the Redondo CafĂ©, 1511 S PCH, Redondo Beach.  Their basic poutine is French fries, white cheese curds and gravy.  They list nine toppings ranging from mushrooms, bacon, Texas (with no bean chili) priced from $7.49 to $12.49.

Putain - French for "whore" but used to express a variety of emotions - example "Oh or Ah, putain!" can mean "bummer" or "oh, shit" or "Maaaan" (similar to "Duuude")  I can state with some authority that it is a very popular utility phrase used in France.  I seem to remember having availed myself of it in various situations there.

Putin - as in Vladimir Putin, of Russia.  In French printed media,  his name is routinely misspelled as "Poutine"   What Putin thinks of this is unknown to this writer.
Seen during poutine/ putain/ Putin research, an ad for a doormat that reads "The Neighbors Have Better Stuff."   $50.
Redondo Beach makes the national and international news:  Roger Clinton, bad boy half-brother of former President Bill Clinton, got busted on a DUI last night here and bail was set at $15,000.  As of 9 a.m. today, he was said to be still languishing in the RB lock-up.

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