Sunday, June 19, 2016

Fathers Day's Amble Toward Being a National Event

Fathers Day Timeline

1910 - Spokane, WA
Sonora Smart Dodd proposes it in honor of her own father who raised six children after his wife died.

1924 -  President Coolidge "supports the idea."

1926 - the National Fathers Day Committee meets in New York.

1956 - 30 full years later - the idea is recognized by a joint session of Congress

1966 - President Lyndon Johnson declares it an official national holiday.

1972 - President Nixon signs a law making the official holiday the third Sunday in June

Today it is estimated that Dear Old Dad's nearest and dearest will take him out for $3.1 billion worth of brunch, lunch or dinner.  A meal out is the first choice, followed by a big gap and clothing, gift cards and electronics.

I learned about the popularity of Dinner Out, Dad! the hard way.  Richie and I, Raffish and Tee were headed for the Sunday brunch at Ports O Call.  The lads were fretting.  "You know it's Fathers Day, don't you?" 

Waving an airy hand, I said, laughing, "Don't you know that the traditional Fathers Day gift is his kids call him collect?" (tee hee, girlishly)  "No worries!"

And we didn't.  We were squeezed into the bar with a table not big enough to hold four dinner plates.  Elbows around us were flying - Tee lost a drumstick I seem to remember...  The food was good as it always has been, but it got cold while you had to insinuate yourself through hordes of people waving plates.  The shrimp and crab serving bar had a crowd three deep around it. 

The dessert table looked like a ruined battle field.  Gobbets of icing clung to every surface. 

We passed on dessert and I had learned a very important lesson.  Dad fashions have changed.  Bon appetite, Dad.  Ports O Call - see you next Sunday.        

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