Sunday, June 12, 2016

Pickle-flavored Popcorn

We were buying wine at Trader Joe's yesterday and, of course. roaming the aisles to see what might be new that we'd like.  Among the undesirable items were - Popcorn In A Pickle which is, as you may have suspected, dill pickle-flavored popcorn.    I do like both - but together?  Alert Readers will remember that I came across dill pickle-flavored potato chips at Target and those make a certain amount of sense with a corned beef sandwich. 

I'd read good reviews on box wine and they did have it, but the only white was Chardonnay which I dislike rather.  A clerk was unloading and shelving some wine and I told him I was disappointed - no Riesling?  no Pinot Grigio?  No Rose?

"Ah, but we have rose in a can!" he crowed, and turned and pointed at a row of silver cans with a bright red label - Rose Wine, Oregon Grown, UNDERWOOD.  It's a product of the Union Wine Co. . The label says the wine notes are strawberry, watermelon and peach.

A brief chat with the checker was interesting because he held it up and said that he thought people bought it to drink on the beach - smaller and thinner than a beer can and unlikely to garner much, if any, police interest.

Got home, refrigerated it and after dinner decided to have "a glass of summer" for dessert.     It was by no means "summer."  I would have to compare it with a nuclear winter - nothing left alive.  Bitter, aluminum can-ny tasting ... much as I hate to throw away food (let alone wine) I had to give it to the garbage disposal.  Am surprised it didn't whip its blades around in death throes.  Good luck, Oregon, with that one.

Last Thanksgiving Trader Joe went nuts with the pumpkin-flavored this and that.  Since the pumpkin season is mercifully a short one, pumpkin products slowly disappeared from the shelves and coolers.

But my joy has been short lived.  Trader Joe seems to be running "The Last Mango in Paris."  There are 22 products on his shelves ranging from mango-flavored desserts to salad dressing to real mangoes.  I got a box of bite-sized mango bars - 1st cousins to lemon bars - from the freezer section and they are good.  The Orange Peach Mango juice might be good - with a healthy slug of rum.  But never with canned wine. Or pickle-flavored popcorn.

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