Thursday, June 30, 2016

Fluffy, Fido and the 4th of July

Dogs and cats are not patriotic.  They do not celebrate anything with fireworks and loud noises.  Cats, in particular, do not welcome revelers into their homes.  And mark my words, it IS their home.  Owners are just allowed to live there as long as they cater to the cat. 

Some things I learned browsing online. 

The 5th of July is the busiest day of the year for Animal Control and shelters. 

Make sure your pet is wearing his/her tags and that the collar they're attached to is a bright color so as to be even more visible. 

Take  "just in case" photos - a head shot AND a full view of the entire animal.   Yes, most pets have beautiful faces, but to quickly identify an animal you need to see the entire body because markings are quite individual to every animal. 

Having a barbecue to celebrate?  Despite the adorableness of your pet (and dogs are particularly guilty of food begging) never give an animal beer, chocolate, onions, coffee, avocado - as in guacamole - grapes, raisins or salt. 

Put a sign on the door your guests will be using - WATCH FOR CAT - DON'T LET HIM/HER OUT.  CLOSE THE DOOR FIRMLY BEHIND YOU.  In fact, you might want to put your pet in lock down in a room with food, water, a litter box or spread out newspapers and close the door.  Put a sign on the door - Pet - Do Not Open

Seasonal costumes are very cute but think how it would feel to be put in an outfit after living naked the rest of the year and then all of the loud noises start.  You'd run, too.  And, you, too, might get caught up in an intricate costume and get hurt. 

If you already know your pet will have a heart attack at the noise, pop into the vet and get a mild tranquilizer with instructions on how and when to give it. 

As dogs and cats are the most sensitive to the commotion, they get star billing in this.  I have no  idea what gerbils, guinea pigs, goldfish or turtles think of the 4th of July.  You're their owner; you know them best. 

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