Saturday, June 25, 2016

New Fruit This Summer

It's new at the Hermosa Beach Farmers Market at any rate.  Cherry Plums are the name and they are quite tasty.

They look like cherries on steroids - same glossy skin, round plumpness, but bigger than your average cherry. One writer said "the size of a ping pong ball." They have a small pit and sometimes a short dainty stem like a cherry from when they were picked.

The first taste is cherry with a back (and dominating) taste of plum.  I think the plum flavor comes mainly from the skin myself.  The fruit's texture is that of a plum as well.

Applications for them are preserves, jam, wine, pies and served nekkid with cheeses. 

Buy a quarter pound and test them out.  They are a summer fruit and will still be being sold next week if it turns out that you like them.  

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