Saturday, December 27, 2014

Verging on Techno-Wornout

It could be argued that my own electrical system is about to short out due to the number of electronic devices found inside this house.

It all began when we got the new "big screen" TV.  I was outraged when I learned that it comes with TWO remotes and BOTH are necessary to the operation of a device that I remember walking up to, flipping a switch and physically turning a dial to get one of the three stations available.  I believe that today we have access to some 500 channels.  I don't think we routinely use more than 10 or 12 of them.  And of those dozen or so, we have to pay an extra $10/month to get the French channel.

It is now in the realm of the ridiculous that two people have three phone numbers.  The land line, the cell phone and we just bought a smart phone which came with a 7 in. screen iTablet.  Richie hates carrying the cell phone and the only time I can successful force him to do it is when he and his baseball buddies take the train to San Diego for a Padres game. 

Richie is an ardent photographer and he wants to be able to show others his pictures.  The cell phone takes crappy photos and I never learned how to download from cell phone to computer. 

And, get this:  we have to go to smart phone school to learn how to use both!  In fact, it is now commonplace for the new owner to have to go to school to learn how to use what's in their own pocket/purse!  Apple offers appointments for one-on-one instruction and Verizon offers weekly seminars.  Both are free.  Just part of the service...

Somehow this all is getting a little confusing to me.  With the miniaturization of all the old familiar ... it's ... disquieting to me.  Will new babies arrive downsized in another 20 years?  It won't surprise me.  In a day when a friend of ours on cold winter mornings can reach for his smart phone and turn on the heat from underneath his covers ... anything is possible!

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