Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Exotic Venues When $$$$ Doesn't Matter

If you don't happen to live in Southern California, the air fare to get your guests from Wherever to Here is going to be exorbitant.  You've been warned, but go ahead you rash young devil-may-care spenders...

Greystone Park and Mansion
This is a huge grey pile of a building with ample grounds.  One of the main entertaining features is a long, wide terrace along most of one side of the house.   We once attended a wedding reception on it, but guests were not allowed inside the house.  Instead we had to trek halfway across the grounds to discreet toilets among the greener.  Rather in hospitable I thought, but it was a beautiful setting, especially if you have camel kidneys.  Book up to a year in advance.  700 guests maximum.  $8,500 to $42,000.

Marion Davies Guest House
This is the expansive white "cottage" you see from Pacific Coast Highway on the way to or from Malibu.  William Randolph Hearst gifted her with it and after her death, it became the Annenberg Community Beach House.  Just 140 guests will fill the interior, but there is ample room for more in the garden or on the veranda.  $3,000 to $5,000

Paramount Back Lot
Pick a street from the permanent sets and get set up period style.  Force guests to come in appropriate costume.  Depending on the invitation list numbers, you should book the space from one to 18 months ahead of time.  "Fees" start at $10,000.

The Ace Hotel Theater Lobby
The lobby, said to be a mix of Spanish Gothic is now open to rental.  I have no idea where this place in located; you're on your own.  But if you can find it and have asked 600 people to join you, the Ace will be responsible for the hors d'oeuvres, cocktails, security and technical staff.  Must give the Ace two week's notice.  It's $7,000 for 50;  $84,000 for 600.

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