Friday, December 12, 2014

Not Surprisingly, They Live In Holly-weirdland

Los Angeles magazine continues holiday ideas by telling us whom to invite to our party.  Talk about pushy!  AND types that are clearly unknown in a beach community ... or maybe not if they're translated...

The Dealmaker - this one (male or female) is pathologically programmed to help - "Oh!  You're a screen writer?  You must meet my friend Abercrombie - he's a director!"

More likely to be heard at the beach:  "Oh, you need a bail bondsman?"

The Broadcaster - phone in one hand; drink in the other, he/she constantly screams, "This is The Best Party ever!"  This person's unrestrained enthusiasm is thought to convince others that they really ARE at the best party yet."

Beach:  This is not behavior that you want to encourage.  You'll find yourself having to entertain for such as St. Michael's Day.  No, I have no idea who that is either.  We live at the beach.

The Nanny - Forever hovering, "Can I get you a drink?" or "Here, I've got a napkin - take it."

Beach:  Otherwise known as the maid.  We don't have those either. 

The Craftsman - might be an avant garde carpenter or someone who crafts their own exotic brews.  Any one who only works about four hours a day (if that) doing something they love.

Beach:  we call them surf bums.

The Real Deal - very, very active in such as PETA, Green Peace, the Democratic Party.  Supposedly you will get personal points for being "so evolved."

Beach:  Who's got time for that s--t?  Surf's up, dude!"

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