Wednesday, December 3, 2014

A Very Scary Christmas Coming Up

Referring to an article in Drudge, left hand side of the page...  "Peppermint Potato Chips and Egg Nog Lattes"

"Seasonal" is about to get an entirely different luster due to the entirely popular weirdly-flavored foods you can eat, but only during Christmas.  Then they're all packed away until next season.

Not that you would sit and lick a Chapstick like an ice cream cone, but chapped lips demand a lick or two - slap on the Pumpkin-Pie Flavored Chapstick!

Are you a coffee fiend?  Dunkin' Donuts is ready to tempt you with Sugar Cookie or SnickerDoodle Cookie coffees.  Starbucks counters with Chestnut Praline or Pumpkin Spice Lattes. 

You can make your own Peppermint coffee at home and save a bundle (said savings to go for my Christmas present, of course.)  Simply brew a regular coffee and stir it with a candy cane - canes even come with a convenient hook for hanging them IN your coffee! 

Pringle adds dash with Tortilla Cinnamon Sugar Pringles or White Chocolate Peppermint chips.

This is all far too complicated for a simple lass from Kansas City, MO.  Why disguise coffee or a potato chip with sugar or pie seasonings?  That just doesn't seem right to me ... Why not caviar-flavored ice cream?  Shrimp Scampi cookies?  You see what I mean about "scary"?  A prudent person might ask what it's meant to be before putting it in their mouth ...just sayin'

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