Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The Effects of Rain in Southern California

We had rain during the night and so far, all of this morning.  We drove to the gym after 9 a.m. so all of the Dilberts heading to their cubicles were well on the way and not in ours.  The gym parking lot was so crowded that we had to ride three different escalators to get up to it.

Apparently Fitness Freaks don't like to get their hair wet -- every treadwell/stair climber in the place had someone on it.  But to be fair, I can see that running in a raincoat or while holding an umbrella might be somewhat clumsy.

Down here in the office/guest bedroom, a glance at the window shows avocado branches being lashed by the wind - always a rather dramatic sight. 

Our cats have spread out on their favorite surfaces and none of them want to go out.  Here is Fred, dealing with the rain ...

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