Thursday, December 11, 2014

A Modest Proposal to End Racism in America

Of late, the media has been full of reports of outraged citizens demonstrating their disgust, anger and mistrust of white policemen (no white women mentioned as yet) and their treatment of black men, young or old.

I say enough of this black and white nonsense.  If either color is in the process of committing a crime, it is the duty of the police of any color to stop them.  Universally, the police mantra is "Protect and Serve."  To me this means to protect the property of others and to serve entire communities in the effort to do just that.

Some of the miscreants are white and some are black, but all are breaking the law. 

Therefore, we need a new description of these people and I respectfully put forth "subhuman" for behaviors that are obnoxious.  "Subhuman" is certainly Politically Correct because it describes a behavior, not a skin color, which is irrelevant.  All skin colors hide their subhumans in a figurative attic.  No color is exempt from this new descriptive term.

There are near-daily examples of subhuman behavior.  Most recently, a man killed his daughter-in-law, video-taped himself having sex with her dead body and then carelessly buried her in his backyard.  That is genuinely subhuman behavior even though the man was clinically insane. 

Very few animals destroy their own habitat, but that is exactly what some rioting groups are doing.  Subhuman intelligence at work.

Some Muslim enthusiasts believe in committing suicide only to take out innocent people.

As you have seen from the above examples, a "subhuman" can come in any skin color, any nationality.  If behaviors were recognized as root causes rather than any skin color, we'd all be a lot better off.  And so endeth my proposal.

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