Monday, December 15, 2014

More On Parties

Los Angeles recommends getting a DJ for your party.  They kindly offered a selection, but I gotta go with a guy called Frosty McNeil "who performs at Hollywood Forever Cemetery."  You read that right.  Now I'm wondering if you have to move your party to the cemetery or not. 

A guy named Jeff Atlas owns F & J Entertainment.  Among his minions are five dancers who attend the event and git the party goin'.  To encourage people to dance their shoe soles thin, they might start with an Electric Slide (make sure your homeowners insurance is paid) or the Isley Brothers "Shout!"

Atlas always brings two of them along when he does a DJ gig.  If you can dance and enjoy helping  people this might be up your alley - dancers get $350 per job.    For enjoying yourself!  Who knew?  In lieu of  blowing the mortgage payment that month, they suggest you learn some easy stuff as it's all over You-Tube and easily learned.

In New York, the deciding factor the greatness of the event is how smoothly the coat check goes.  Out here, it is claimed that it's all about the valet parking. Theory:  if guests arrived easily, they'll come through the door in a good mood.  If the valet is quick on the up tick when they leave, they will go and on about the excellence of your event.

Tomorrow:  Rentable Historic Sites to Rent

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