Monday, December 22, 2014

Hey! It's My Turn!

Sipping my morning coffee this morning, perusing the Daily Breeze, our local paper I spotted something familiar.  Holding out the paper to Richie, I said, "Don't we know this woman?"  He looked as I grinned.  It was me in the postage-sized photo.

"My Turn" is a regular column, written by locals on a submission basis.  It used to pay $25 per column, but the paper has discarded that quaint notion in favor of their finances. 

If you'd like to read it, Google "My Turn" + Nina Murphy

The article headline is "Save your sanity and buy a gift card for that special someone this holiday season." 

The editor has never changed a word previously, but today there were two changes.  I wrote "Babies are ungrateful SOBs anyhow.  Any outfit will last about three months"  SOBs was deleted.

Later on I 'd written "Shout out to" Bristol Farms and Trader Joe's and the shout out had mysteriously vanished. 

I guess you can't cuss this close to Christmas (SOBs) or talk trash (Shout out!) .

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