Tuesday, December 9, 2014

O, Pa - Trader Joe Done Ruint Me...

We have a favorite Thai restaurant (previously reviewed) and I have a very favorite dish - #69 which is Yellow Curry Shrimp.  The minute I tasted it, I loved it!  On every subsequent visit, I ordered it because it was truly unique -- just a hint of heat that lingered but didn't shock and awe. .

And then Trader Joe came out with bottled Thai Yellow Curry Sauce.  Of course I bought a jar and with the addition of a little powdered ginger, cayenne and garlic I successfully cloned it to restaurant standards.

Last night Richie suggested we go there for dinner.  As I studied the menu, I thought.  "There's no point in the yellow curry shrimp 'cause I make it at home.  So..."   As it happens I don't like such stand-bys as beef and broccoli or cashew chicken (which Richie likes.)  What could I have for dinner? 

I finally settled on "Garlic Shrimp" expecting the delights of too much garlic.  Wrong.  It was lovely big shrimp, large mushroom halves in a sort of brown gravy sauce.  It was good, well prepared, but it most definitely lacked in garlic intensity. 

Yeah, Joe, you were in the running to be my next husband, but not now.  You done ruint them shrimp for me. 

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