Monday, December 8, 2014

Pigging Out on Bacon

Sorry for the above; couldn't resist. 

Last Friday, we were doing the usual Beat The Weekend Crowds shopping at Trader Joe's.  In the meat section, my eye was caught by a bright orange box, slim but long, that contained Uncured Applewood-Smoked Pre-Cooked Bacon. 

For some time I have sneered at samples of "pre-cooked" bacon at our local supermarket.  "Such laziness..." I have been observed to mutter, forgetting that I have been accused of being  one of the laziest of all.  It is not true.  I am too impatient to cook bacon (or fill an ice cube tray.)  That's not laziness - it speaks of an earnest desire to be - oh, I don't know - out busily saving the world.  Or something.  

But something about the orange box triggered a longing in me ... and applewood-smoked triggered it.   I love that stuff! 

Let me tell you, it is damned handy if you want a:  bacon/lettuce/tomato/avocado sandwich.  Or bacon-dotted macaroni and cheese.  Or a Wedge Salad with iceberg lettuce, chopped tomato and bacon with blue cheese dressing.  Or to garnish a bean soup.  Handier than a pocket in a shirt. 

As proof of my adoration, the package comes with 15 slices of pre-cooked bacon.  We have four slices left.  And Richie won't touch it; sneers at it in fact.  Who do you think the culprit might be?  Let me just say, "Oink, oink."

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