Wednesday, December 24, 2014

In Which Richie Becomes Psychic..

For all of the 33 years we've been together, he has asked "Have you made out your Christmas list yet?"  Coming the day after Halloween this question seems a bit premature!  

Then at least once a week thereafter, he asks the same thing.  The first problem is (A)  I don't like to "ask for" anything and (B) if I want something I will go where it is sold and buy one.  No, I'm no fun.

Well at the last Jazz Club I did think of something - two somethings, in fact.  And he has not asked that question since then.  He knows...

In the car:
Me - "You know how you're always asking me what I want for Christmas?"
Him - "Mmmhummm"  (Notice the question is not being answered.  Mmmhum is pretty vague in my book.)

Continued silence.  Much like an animal,  he suspects danger.

Me - "Well I do have something - two somethings.  I want a portable piano keyboard and I want to put you through a semester of Walk In, Dance Out (which is close enough to the house that he could certainly get the walk part.)

He didn't say anything more, but when we got home, he got out the tape measure and measured the space I plan to put it and went online to find one.

"No hurry," I said.  "I've waited this long - January 2nd is fine.   

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