Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Santa Is Most Definitely NOT a Good Employer

In fact, I could consider him sort of a Simon Legree of the skies.  How come? you ask?

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer is 73 years old this year and Santa still expects him to haul the sled full of presents to say nothing of Santa himself who doesn't look like he's missed any meals as well as drag any reluctant fellow reindeer behind him.

This is hardly a job for a 73 year old.  Rudolph should have been retired 11 years ago, but, no, Santa "depends" on him.  And Rudolph, not being any smarter than he needs to be, buys it every year. 

He's led an active and athletic life, but:  it's also true that it's only one night of the year.  It could be argued that very few of us have a 364-day holiday.

Further, if he has to spend 364 days of the year doing some kind of training  for the big night, that's hardly fair.  Unless you can make the gym a habit, you're going to wind up hating the gym. 

I propose this - instead of leaving cookies and milk for Santa, you put out a sign that reads, "Let Rudolph retire awready!"  If Santa (the red fatso) doesn't get his treat, he will be very cross with you and could very well take your presents back and stick them in his sack.

On the other hand, Mrs. Claus put out a lot of time and effort into getting you just what you wanted and can be something of a shrew when crossed.  Santa is secretly afraid of her and wouldn't dare bring back a still full sack so you'll probably get what you wanted.

Freedom for Rudolf!  And a Bah, Humbug for Santa!

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