Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Today is Officially Rev-Up Day

Granted the "officially" is a little dubious because it's my idea and I'm not the mayor (nor even the City dogcatcher.)  Still ... those niceties never stopped me before; why set a precedent now? 

Our friend "D" calls the long stretch from Halloween through New Year's Day "Festivus," an idea he borrowed from "Seinfeld."  But my Rev-Up Day is designed to offer a 24 hour respite from the horrors that are just up the road.

Planning to hit the Black Friday sales?  T-Day dinner is finished by 4 p.m.  Go directly to bed because you have to get up at 3 a.m. and you want to be physically and mentally alert to grab the best stuff.  I wince at every mention of "Black Friday" because any halfway interested person could tell you it was not a happy occasion back in the late '20s.  I mean, I get it - "black" = profits - but it is depressing.

A good tactic for these sales is to take your small children (or rent someone else's) to the sale with you.  Drop them at the end of the line forming, tell them you are going to park the car and go off for a needed cup of coffee or a nice breakfast.  They aren't going anywhere and people are intent on what's inside the doors and not taking the kids. 

Especially as they've now been in line sufficient time to wonder where you are and ask, repeatedly.  They may well be thirsty and/or need to use the bathroom and are not shy about saying so in shrill, piercing tones.  Someone will attend to them even if it's the security guy who may well have rather pointed questions when you get back. 

This and other technical tips will be offered in the coming days, but nicely spaced out so that you can pay particular attention to every bit of helpful advice. 

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