Monday, November 3, 2014

Oops! An Unexpected Turn

Preparations for a small gathering of friends yesterday afternoon were well under way, when this happened.  Richie was making his justly renowned guacamole.  He had chopped all of the various ingredients - jalapeno pepper, a fresh tomato, onion and cilantro.  He was ready to mash in the avocado - BUT WAIT!  When he cut into each of three avocados, he found ... rot.  Instead of green, the interiors were all gray. 

Obviously, they couldn't be used.  He said, "Now what?"  I thought and then had an idea - "I'll chop up the rest of the jicama, toss them together and pour a little salsa (El Sombrero #2, $5/pint) and we'll have Salsa Crudo!  And we  did.

Since the avocados were purchased in two different markets, the suppliers couldn't be blamed - it was universal (or as "universal" as you can get with three avocados.) 

Swing by for a drink, chips and some salsa crudo - we've got plenty.

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