Sunday, November 2, 2014

'50s Food

This afternoon we're expecting various friends to stop in for a drink as we are doing "Vernissage of the Re-upholstered Hassock (and the additional railings on the stairs which are primed and awaiting the painter.)   Yes, exciting events wherever the eye falls. 

"Vernissage" is a French word which means a private art gallery showing before the hoy polloi public is allowed in.   Since all of our friends ARE mostly hoi polloi I'm getting it rather backward, but what the hell.  A gallery opening requires refreshments in the form of canapés  and champagne. 

I've got the champagne covered - four bottles of peach champagne along with a bottle of peach juice for Bellinis.   I've got regular champagne and a bottle of kir for Kir Royales.  Now for the canapés.  Hmmm.  And I suddenly remembered these '50s favorites - White Pizza and Pigs in Blankets.

White Pizza came from my sister and it tastes as good as it looks festive.

One can of crescent rolls.  Spread them out to make the pizza crust on a cookie sheet or pizza pan.  Bake following label instructions.  Let cool and then
spread cream cheese (recommend whipped as it is easier to spread) on your pizza crust.   

Garnish with:  green pepper and red onion rings arranged prettily and topped with slices of pimento-stuffed green olives.  

Such a lovely name.  Not. 
1 can crescent rolls
1 package Lil' Smokie sausages - the little finger-size sausages.
Orange marmalade to "butter" the crescent rolls.

Butter the rolls with orange marmalade, cut the crescent rolls into strips and wrap each sausage in dough.  Bake according to roll package instructions and serve. 

The sausages are smoky-salty tasting and the marmalade adds sweetness.

Don't some of you young whippersnappers laugh at '50s foods.  They beat the '20s when guests were routinely offered a small glass of sauerkraut juice as a pre-dinner cocktail!

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