Saturday, November 8, 2014

Making A Vertical Descent on Luddite Land

This is a test of my character (or probably lack of same.)  We are going to see Richie's family on Long Island.  His brother and wife do not have a computer and do not want one.  Their son has a computer, but he and his wife rarely use it.  My hopes thus rest on Amelia, Richie's 8 year old great niece.

The hotel barely has a bedspread per room so am sure the idea of a guest computer for checking mail is ... missing.  There are not a lot of hotel/motels on Long Island and all but this one are geographically undesirable.

It is going to be 78 here today -- and 45 when we land at JFK.  I am dressed warmly.  And am planning to totally wow the locals when I step out in my J. Peterman riding mac.  Get ready, New York!  Son Altesse is on her way!

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