Saturday, November 22, 2014

A Public Service - Presenting!

Trader Joe's Handy Dandy Thanksgiving Wine Calculator

This a helpful way to learn how much wine to lay in for the dinner.  Sort of.

Joe adds that the exactitude of his calculations depends on hidden factors - how heavy is the hand that pours and do you have more lushes than lightweights on the invitation list? 

From the drawing in the flyer - One woman = three to five glasses = a 750 ml of wine.

And speaking of wine, I can recommend the Joseph Handler Riesling ($4.99.)  It's mentioned in the same flyer as perfect with all things usually found on the T-Day dinner menu.  Richie made scallops for dinner last night and I can attest that it goes really well with them and is an eminently drinkable wine.  Soft, light and sits well in the mouth.

It comes in an eye-catching dark blue, slender-ish bottle which is why we had to ask where the hell it was in the wine section. 

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