Monday, November 24, 2014

A Christmas House for the Entire Clan

Am I suggesting that you rent out several floors of a hotel to invite everyone who is related to you in any way for Christmas?

Of course not!  I'm suggesting that you buy a place featured in Architectural Digest this month.  It's old so it's "used to" families since the early 15th century when it was a meeting house and hospital for the locals of Pistoia, Italy.  Later on it became a convent.  Now it is for sale once again with the idea of turning it into a B & B.

"Oh," you say, "You've got a lot of relatives!"?  This place has 50 bedrooms! Since there are only 40 bathrooms, some of your guests will have to be a bit accommodating.   But families are used to sharing. 

Imagine how splendid it would be - 77,500 sq. ft. filled with rooms, patios, courtyard fountains -- and a chapel!  No reliance on a formal church - if you want to do Midnight Mass at 7 p.m., you just go right on ahead and do it!  Money makes many things possible.  But you may not have much left after paying $23.3 million for it.   Stay up for Midnight Mass and save yourself some money.   Why make it easy for the dead beats you're related to - it's not like they've ever done anything for you -- other than to be a social impediment.

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