Saturday, November 29, 2014

A Possibly Very Bad Situation

I finished David Baldacci's newest - "King and Maxwell" this afternoon (no, I was not still digesting Thanksgiving meal) and this is a key part of the plot:  the "Beast",  the President of the United State's personal vehicle, has all sorts of gizmos and devices, based on electronics. 

 In this particular caper, a bad guy buys a satellite with the capability of over-riding the human driver and creating havoc.  The Beast is crossing a bridge over the Potomac when the Beast suddenly accelerates, crashes into the barrier and then through it and plop!  into the Potomac.

For all of the safety features built into it, the Beast can't swim. 

Baldacci's note is that today's cars with GPS and myriad features can be hijacked.  The easiest point to hack into the controls is the Diagnostic port that is used to diagnose problems within the various systems.  This struck me as interesting, but ... improbable.  For the Beast or our cars. 

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