Saturday, November 1, 2014

For A Grand Total of ....12

That's the number of trick or treaters to whom we gave candy last night.  Am attempting to get more numbers from my spies -- er, correspondents in various parts of the country.  As figures come in, I will update this. 

Early Returns:
Central Indiana - 35 in very cold and very windy conditions.
Austin suburbs - none.  It is a senior residence facility.
Tampa area, Florida - 200!  Our correspondent said the two houses on either side of her  behind her house were decorated; an attraction on its own. 

This just in -
North of Denver - 58, which includes three repeats by three previous customers.  Of note:  Jolly Rancher candies are said to be very popular in Colorado. 

And now these -
Central Texas - two bags full - gone.  "When we ran out of candy I wanted to give out cigarettes but my wife wouldn't let me.  Probably because it would be too expensive, wrote our correspondent there.
North of Chicago - 25  Blustery cold weather, too.  Our correspondent wrote that the cute little kids' parents had probably taken them to a mall.  Their visitors were older.  Tootsie Pops went first. 

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