Friday, November 21, 2014

Crumbs On The Tablecloth

Tutto Pazza, Huntington, NY, offers (among many other dishes) two items labeled "Hot Antipasto" and "Cold Antipasto" both labeled Chef's Choice.  This blind acceptance of whatever gets sent out would unnerve me considerably.

In the car, on the way to a restaurant, I usually know exactly what I want to eat.  I Googled the menu. 

The Shamrock, 138 New York Avenue, Halesite.  This is a pleasant little bar and grill with a water view.  It has been there forever.  Many the St. Patrick's Day celebrations that have flicked past, like beads on an emerald necklace.

The chef is inventive and when they finally post their menu, you will see, too.  But for the moment, this will have to suffice.  The Reuben Quesadilla - corned beef, Swiss cheese and sauerkraut on a tortilla "buttered" with Thousand Island dressing which is then grilled.  Light, but filling. 

Munday's, Main Street, Huntington serves lamb burgers (Charlie and Rosalind) and tuna melt (Richie) and knockwurst with sauerkraut and two small, very crisp potato pancakes (me.)  This is another place that has been there for a very long time.  It's very definitely a "family restaurant." 

Back home with a good book and a sack of Lay's Potato Chips and a bottle of Bob's Big Boy Blue Cheese dressing.  Makes Ranch dressing hide with shame in a corner.

O/T  I bought a new pair of UGGs the other day.  A lovely charcoal grey.  This is what amused me and inspires me to save money against the next pair.  The pair before these were $180 and UGGs still made half-sizes.  Yesterday they were $200 and half-sizes had been discarded. 

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