Friday, November 28, 2014

A Lovely Thanksgiving Story

As is usual on a major  holiday, the phone lines thrummed with greetings, best wishes and "What're you having with the turkey?"

One of these calls was Richie's brother Charlie out on Long Island,  NY. who called for all of the above reasons, but also to tell us about a moment his oldest son had that very morning.

Sean is a bay man and as such went out Thanksgiving morning to garner some oysters for the day.  The sun was out, the tide was down and the waters calm.  As he tonged the oyster bed, he happened to look up and there, on the shore, was a mother deer with two fawns in tow.   The doe was nosing the ground as she moved along and when she found an oyster, she would stomp it with a back hoof, it would break open and the following fawns would eat the released oyster.

Sean, not one for a poignant moment or poetic reflection, says he yelled, "Hey!  Quit that!  That's my livelihood!"  The deer - all three of them - ignored him.  After all, they were on the shore; he was in his boat.   

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