Saturday, October 25, 2014

Up In the Air About Ebola

The media is wearing itself out giving us the details of passengers who are being isolated - because they have Ebola in New Jersey ( EWR )and New York (JFK).

Richie wants to fly back to Long Island in November  -- via JFK.  I am hesitant, but not for the reason you might suppose.  I am not afraid of Ebola; it's the side effects - someone sneezes at the gate.  "EBOLA" shrieks the crowd waiting to board and a mass exodus then takes place; grown men shoving past little old ladies (me) and trampling small children (yours.)

Worse still is that we land at JFK and it is discovered that one of our fellow travelers has it and the entire plane load, crew and all, is put into isolation.  For 21 days.  Our cat sitter will make a fortune - $630 and while I'm grateful for her kind services... in this instance I'd rather not have to go such expense.  (Nickel Nose Nina, remember her?)

So I turned to my never-failing air expert.  A retired United Airlines pilot.  He is my first go-to when there is an "incident."  La, the merry time we had speculating on the fate of the still-missing Malaysia aircraft. 

He wrote back, "With seven cases in the US, the odds are in your favor; far better than getting on a plane on any given day for health risks.  We've all sat next to someone with hepatitis, HIV, SARS and God knows what else."

He added that airplane bathrooms are toxic waste dumps.  We can all agree wholeheartedly about that.  I think that even a hazmat suit would still leave you vulnerable. 

Do visit his Website   which sells retired commercial jet equipment to benefit a variety of children's issues.  Feel like turning the ceiling panel of the cockpit into a coffee table top? 

Need a few jump seats for the living room?  These are very handy.  Make sure you buy it with the seatbelt - if someone gets knee-walking drunk, you just sit them down, buckle them up and go back to partying.  They aren't going anywhere.

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