Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Saving Money During Halloween

Don't buy your kid(s) costumes until the last minute because Halloween is strictly seasonal.  Harry Potter was okay two years ago, but not today.  The kid will want the very latest fad (dressing up like an iPhone 6?)   Store owners and managers are all too well aware of this phenomenon and may mark-down all of their costume stock to 30 per cent off.  Be there - wallet in hand.

Conversely, adult costumes can be used year after year.  No one ever gets tired of a sexy French maid or Julius Caesar.

One of the best costumes already in your closet might be this:  and it's for both sexes - work boots with white sock showing just above the boot top, khaki-colored shorts,  a white t-shirt, a hardhat and a clipboard.  Dressed like that you could probably walk right into the White House. 

Oops, that's been done.

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