Wednesday, October 22, 2014

This'n That

Billy Crystal Is Funny
Until you get to the middle of the book when it becomes the writer's resume of previous jobs/appearances held/made.

Based on the number of best friends, dearest friends it would seem necessary for him to rent an  arena for a cocktail party.

"Still Foolin' Them - Where I've Been, Where I'm Going and Where the Hell Are My Keys" by Billy Crystal   Henry Holt & Co.   272 pages   $28

The Shingles Shot
A friend's bout with shingles inspired me to pursue getting one.   At our local CVS I asked for it.  "Oh, no," said the pharmacist, "You see it has to be refrigerated  so the delivery trucks can's carry it because they may start at 7 in the morning and we don't get our shipments till 3 p.m."

He added that it has to be prescribed by your doctor.  I had a routine appointment coming up so I made a mental note to ask for one.  I was given the Rx, Alba the nurse called the pharmacy (just down the hall) to make sure they had it in stock and they did.

I duly went to the pharmacy, handed in the Rx and soon had the shot (in a syringe in a verrry long pill bottle and back I went to the clinic.  Alba was paged and gave me the shot. 

Medicare and insurance won't pay it, so I whipped out my credit card.  The total for this shot?  $215 (including injection of said shot.)  Yeah, I'll admit to a little sticker shot but I know that if I'd asked anyone who has ever had shingles  whether it was a good investment, to a person they would bellow ' DO IT!'

Illinois BBQ
My sister sent me the link to the menu at Big Ed's Bar  & Grill, Libertyville, IL

There I saw something I haven't seen in 60 years-- burned ends!  Back in the day, my Dad would make a run on our bbq joint in Kansas City and very often he bought a pound of them. 

This sounded good -- a sort of barbecue world tostada -- that we can all make at home.

Pig Salad ingredients - iceberg or romaine lettuce, tomato, cucumber, blue cheese, bacon, pulled pork with bbq sauce, tortilla chips blue cheese dressing.  .

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