Thursday, October 2, 2014

Mayo Clinic On Ebola Avoidance

1.  Stay out of Africa
2.  Wash your hands frequently with soap and water or an alcohol "waterless" wipe. 

Using soap and water -- wash while you sing two choruses of  the "Happy Birthday" song to yourself (please.)

Carry alcohol wipes and here are some ideas for when to use them. 

 Wait until you've ordered and given the menu back to the server and THEN use the wipes.  If you think about it, menus are, in their own way, filthy. 

Discreetly wipe off the table area that your plate will sit upon with one if there is no table cloth. 

At the gym.  Go into the appropriate locker room, stow your stuff, use the bathroom, if necessary, and then wash your hands thoroughly.  Post work out, wash your hands all over again and don't touch anything (bannisters, elevator buttons, door handles) until you are inside your car where your own germs are the only thing around.  "I don't want to spend the rest of my life waiting for someone else to open the door or press the elevator button for me!"  Use a fresh Kleenex and throw it away when you're done with it..  

Bought yourself a boxed treat at the supermarket or farmer's market? 
Packaged goods:  open it and THEN wash your hands before you dig into it.  Wash fresh fruits and vegetables.

Oh!  One last warning.  If you go to Africa anyhow, do not eat any bush meat.  Bush meat is a wild animal that has been killed for food.  Markets there often carry it.    

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