Friday, October 17, 2014

Continued - Cooper Explains It All to Me

The business-card carrying (alleged) homeless man did show up yesterday; his hair clearly shampooed and shining, wearing a fresh short-sleeved cotton shirt and slacks.  He is very thin, but wiry.

When none of us had any suggestions for him on getting his book reviewed, he quietly got up and vanished.  He did stay long enough to sign in and after he'd gone, I had a rare burst of intelligence and looked to see his name - it was exactly the same as the one on his card.

Cooper explained that he felt that he had given us sufficient information last week; this week he expected answers.  And we disappointed him.  he doesn't realize that we can't get results without him divulging the pertinent information.  Such as what the damned book is about.  To tackle this issue or let it alone ... we've got all week to consider it.

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