Thursday, October 23, 2014

Nature - Red Of Tooth and Claw

That might be overstatement as we'll be discussing insects.  But they're zombie insects!

It's hard to believe that the august National Geographic follows trends such as the fairly recent ta-ra-ra about zombies.  I myself was skeptical that anyone could make an insect's life a matter of heart-pounding excitement until I read about crickets.  Crickets chirp on summer evenings; they lend a bucolic air to the most jaded of urban areas.

Well, guess  what - the ordinary house cricket can become host to something called the horsehair worm.  When the worm has invaded the cricket bang!  his days are numbered because crickets are land based and worms live in water.

The National Geographic says that the worms alter the brain of the crickets and force them to jump into the nearest body of water.  When the cricket dies from their suicidal plunge, the worm swims victoriously away. 

There are several more examples given, but I'm hoping that you might go to the National Geographic Website and read "Mind Suckers."  If the magazine continues to follow trends, vampires can only be next. 

COMMENT - "Oh, no, not vampires!  You made the worms sound as terrifying as ISIS!"  South Bay Lady

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